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Ancient and eternal

Oltrepò pavese

Oltrepò Pavese is an Apennine and pre-Apennine area of the southern area of the province of Pavia, on the border with Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. There are substantially two morphological areas which characterise Oltrepò.

The soils of the low hilly area, consisting of marine sedimentary rocks, with a significant clay component, and the higher areas of chalky origin. 

Both are perfect for making the most of the typological characteristics of the different white wines, sparkling wines and red wines which are produced there.

An excellent area for wine production

Oltrepò pavese

Oltrepò’s particular characteristics have made this an excellent area for the production of grapes and wine.

The overall surface

The planted area represents about 60% of the area under vines of Lombardia. Oltrepò is the third largest DOC area in Italy. The overall surface area is almost 100,000 hectares, mostly located on hills and mountains.

The area’s climate

Mediterranean hills are no higher than 300/400 metres in altitude. The climate is rather dry in winter and airy in summer, with high thermal variations due to the ascending currents of the mountain areas.

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